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About Us.

Our mission is to enable both the blockchain and Non-Fungible Token (NFT) technologies accessible for any individual or organization in Hong Kong that wants to be a part of this rocket growing movement.

These technologies represent a new marketing channel with ample opportunities which artists and brands cannot afford to miss. 

With solid and extensive experience in the cryptocurrency, blockchain and NFT space, we will make you, as a content creator, easy to showcase your masterpieces and engage audiences using an all new medium.

Share with us your dreams and ambition, let us monetorise it and transform it into reality!

Our Services.

NFT Consultancy

Our team will arrange for a consultation to learn more about your goals and objectives with transforming content into NFTs. Let's have a candid discussion about the services you need and see if we can help.

NFT Art Agency

Struggle which your artworks can be tokenised for NFT? We are here to help for positioning and make it fully integration with your ideas or dream.

NFT Marketing & PR Agency

Marketing is always the hard part of promoting your NFT, with over 20 years experience in the industry, we can help you to get a mass reaching of any artworks.

NFT Creative & Project Development

No idea which your existing artworks suit for NFT? No worry we will share the creative and project development experience with you, to take it much easier to next step.

NFT Managment Services

We understand it is hard to keep tracking on every Artworks and being connected with further opportunities, but with our management service you can just focus on what you want. We take care the others for you.

Digital Assets Services

We are not just keep holding your NFTs, but also treat that as a Digital Assets, which has a value behind your artworks and we are here to empower it.

Digital B2B Development

NFT is not just an Artist direction through, it is also be a B2B creative and campaign project, we welcome for any brainstorming, let's share your ideas with us.

Blockchain Application Services (DAPP)

Application is always an interface to interact with buyers and collectors, with dApp setup everyone is easier to interact with the Blockchain, our powerful technical team is here to help any dApp service.

Our Works.

Ryze Collection

The first NFT collection from Ryze!

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Bloops by Little York

The first NFT collection by Little York!

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Collection of HK Night City by Kelvin Yuen

Hong Kong is a beautiful night city you've ever seen!

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The Jurassic Indonesia by Kelvin Yuen

Curious what the Jurassic Indonesia presents? Here it is!

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Everyday is chill out day - KIDS Collection

Joe's first parent-child interaction NFT!

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Sonic Mandalas: Blue Period

"Sonic Mandalas: Blue Period" is the world first ever NFT Series of Singing Bowl Music.

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3,000 armored girl who show confidence and bravery in the Metaverse.

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To The Galaxy

Kelvin Yuen's latest NFT collection To The Galaxy is now live on Opensea.

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Motto 2022

The first NFT collection of WingKi Kwok is now live on Ethereum blockchain!

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Everyday is chill out day

The first 10K generative collection by Joe Lam you have never missed!

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Dino by Chocolate Rain

Never missed the first generative art by Chocolate Rain!

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Mandycat's 2022 Daily Calendar

Mandycat's 2022 Daily Calendar is now on NFT! Grab your special day now!

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Flying Sofye by LamPei

The first NFT collection of Hong Kong Artist LamPei

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Mandycat's Journey

Follow their paws to the playful world of Mandycat.

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Everyday is chill out day

Illustrator Joe Lam loves to remind herself about this desire by the motto.

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"Blu Houses" by Chocolate Rain

Wonder how is celebrities' home look like? Check this out!

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"Blu HK" by Chocolate Rain

A special angle of "Hong Kong" you have ever see.

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"Captain" by Jack Lee

Yes, in our metaverse, we both need a trustable Captain.

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"Abstract" by Jack Lee

What is the style while Abstract X Ladies? It is!

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"Geometry" by Jack Lee

Girls can also be pilot of Robot? Yes, why not?

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Meatie's Love by John Ho

Total 40 pcs of hand-drawn art from John Ho, see what is Love?

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"Forgotten" by Jack Lee

The arts from Jack's first exhibition is now on NFT!

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"Forgotten" by Jack Lee

The Logo of the whole Forgotten series is what you can't miss!

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Mandycat's Wardrobe

The first 10000 generative collection from Mandycat.

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